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To bring together people of Senegalese and Gambian origin { Senegambian } in particular and the wider immigrant community in general living in chesterfield and its surroundings.

To provide them with help and support in their times of need as agreed by the membership.

To help look after members’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and general welfare. And cooperate and colaborate with other entities to provide similar support to the wider community in which we live in.

Cultural Awareness


Traditional foods are mostly served with rice and include: Benachin - jolof rice dish with meat or fish and vegetables.

Great Quotes

Mental Health is a big tree and Hope is a small axe.

- Mrs Aldred CSA World MH

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Paa mawdoh

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management committee

MR.Ousman K Jaye
MR.Michael Jatta
MR. Habib Kah
MR.Malang Bayo
MR. Mengeh Comma
Assistant Treasurer